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Cleaning Tips For your Mac

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Computers will collect unnecessary files while you use them and you need to take the time to clean the clutter of years worth of use. With a Mac, you can perform an automatic or manual system clean. If you want to do a quick cleanup, there are some tips that you need to know about.

Clean Up Your Cache

You have probably heard about removing your cache when it comes to troubleshooting your web browser. It is not only the web browser that stores files in a cache, but your Mac will also do this as well. This is done to allow fast access to data and reduce the need to pull the source material.

While this is something that makes it easier to get the data, these files take up space on your Mac. This use of space will generally slow everything down. There are software packages that you can use to clear the cache for you, or you could manually delete the files yourself. If you decide to do this yourself, you will need to know where to go and which files you should be removing.

Remove Old Mail Attachments

There are a lot of different types of mail attachments that you get from PDF to images to documents. While this is not a problem, when you download the files, it is easy to double-click on it. When you do this, your Mac will save the data in the Mail Downloads folder on your computer. Double-clicking enough of these files will see the folder balloon and start to slow everything down.

It is why you need to remove the old Mail Downloads. All you need to do is find the Mail Downloads file in the folders section. Once you have the folder open, you select and delete all of the data. It is recommended that you empty this folder at least once a year.

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Empty The Trash

When you delete files, they go to the trash bin before they are eliminated. It means that they are still taking up space on your Mac that you want for other things. To delete these files, you will need to empty the Trash bin.

It is straightforward to do. All you have to do is click and hold the Trash bin icon in the Dock. A popup will appear, and you need to select Empty Trash from the options available. Once you do this, the files will be permanently deleted from your Mac.

Remove Old iOS Backups.

Having a backup f your files is essential, but these old backups take up a lot of space on your Mac. This is why you should look at removing the old backups that you no longer need. Each backup is stored on the Mac and can be accessed with iTunes. To delete your old backups, you will need to head to iTunes.

In the menu bar, you need to go to iTunes and Preferences. Click on the Devices tab to find the list of all your backups. You can then choose the backups that you no longer want or need and delete them. Visit this page to find more!

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