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Google Pixel 3 could be transformed into Google Home thanks to a charging station.

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Google Pixel 3 standing

The code of the latest version of the Google application reveals an interesting fact: the manufacturer would plan a charging station transforming the pixels into Google Home.

Google is now a pure and hard manufacturer, both on smartphones and on a diverse and varied galaxy of high-tech devices. For the general public, in particular, it has made a name for itself thanks to its Google Home range, which includes several speakers including Google Assistant.

That being said, American consumers (and some other European countries, but not us) can taste the Pixel range which integrates smartphones produced directly by the manufacturer. As Google Pixel 3 prepares for the end of the year, the two product categories could be back together.

Transform your Pixel 3 into Google Home once at home

It is the Google application, or at least the code of its latest beta version (8.14), which teaches us this. Indeed, Android Police has spotted that the developer would prepare a “Pixel Stand” docking station for its future Pixel 3.

The most exciting thing is that the lines found in the code indicate that the phone would suggest using Google Assistant on this dock, thus transforming it into a Google Home backup.

The Home Mini you can take everywhere

It’s no secret: Google relies on Wizard to keep the company going, whose revenues are currently far too based on advertising its search engine.

Such a station would thus have the double effect of being an essential accessory for a Google mobile, but also of getting users increasingly (and somewhat insidiously) used to the presence of the assistant in their home. As a result, Amazon is already very well positioned in this significant new segment of the Tech market thanks to its Echo.

Google Pixel 3 should offer wireless charging.

XDA Developers users found a clue in the last update of the Google application on Android. There is, in particular, a line indicating “Pixel Stand” revealing a heap of other information. However, Google’s voice assistant could offer new features once Google Pixel 3 (which has unveiled brand new) is wirelessly charged – while still locked. Future feature leaks via third-party application source code are not new to the smartphone market.

camera of the pixel 3

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